Wedding Packages


From the basic wedding reception to adding the ceremony music, we offer wedding packages that were
designed to accommodate every bride, and every wedding, from the simple to the elegant. Tailored to
your own personality, our packages allow you the freedom to build a package by adding special features that YOU choose, not what’s chosen for you.


From adding uplighting, dance floor lighting and gobo projection, the wedding package that you build
will not only enhance the wedding planning experience, but also give you everything you need to put
your own personal spin on your special day. Built into each package are the tools to help you do just


A detailed planning form.


From the first song to the last dance, our planning form was designed to completely walk you through
every stage of the planning process. Each section of the form is dedicated to each particular event,
with ideas, suggestions, alternatives and an area for you to comment, post your thoughts, or list your
own personal instructions or desires. It’s almost like having your very own wedding coordinator at your


Customized music request list.


From picking the music for dinner to the dancing, you’ll have complete access to our music library, that
contains over 25,000 songs from the roaring 20’s and big band 30’s to the hottest new music debuting
on the charts today. The library is updated on the first Sunday of every month to ensure that you have
access to all the latest up-n-comers, as well as a wide range of music and music genres. And if we don’t
have a special song that you want, we get it, no questions asked! And all this is available to you at your


Detailed timeline of events.


A chronological timeline itinerary that highlights each event, announcements to be made, songs to be
played, and the order it’s to go in. This guarantees that your wedding day will go smoothly and flow


Special event mixes made.


From the flamboyant wedding party introductions to a sudden funky breakout of a father/daughter
dance, we’ll mix and edit music to play during those special moments at your request, and then send
you the rough draft to approve.


Music assistance and song samples.


We make ourselves available to you during your entire planning process anytime you have a music
question, need some ideas or suggestions, or even just want to hear different versions of songs. It’s
imperative that you have the right song for the right moment so your guests aren’t hearing a remixed
disco dance version of a love song!


And finally, your client area.


This is where it all happens. Available to you day or night, rain or shine, you’ll have your own
personalized log-in password to get into your planning forms, music request list, and your payment
balance and account information. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night and think of a great
song to use for dancing, or want to add a special dance… it’s available to you 24/7, and awake when you are!




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The tone is set. The guests are in their seats, and as you walk down the aisle, all eyes are on you as your
eyes are on him. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and now you’re living it.

From an outside ceremony to the inside altar, the ceremony package includes everything you need to
completely design that most cherished moment:


  • 30 minutes of background prelude music prior to the start of the ceremony
  • A ceremony worksheet installed into your planning area
  • Unity candle lighting song options
  • Selecting music for an optional salt and/or sand ceremony
  • Selecting music for an optional dove and/or butterfly release
  • Ceremony and music planning assistance available as needed
  • Lapel mic for your minister as needed, by request
  • DJ attendance at your rehearsal, as needed (does NOT include the sound system)


Please note however that if we’re needed to play music for ceremonies that are being held in an
ENTIRELY DIFFERENT location where we’ll need to move equipment AWAY from the reception site via
our transport vehicle, there will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This charge includes even if your ceremony
location has an on-site sound system which will still require us to leave the reception facility. For more
details, feel free to contact us about this option.



Create an Atmosphere


The benefits of selecting one of our packages is that you can add extras and features that you want to
make your package more personalized, and that includes the add-ons that will create an atmosphere
that’s all your own. Features such as:


  • Uplighting in a selection of comfortable colors
  • Sound-activated LED lighting that criss-cross across the dance floor
  • High-powered fog machines
  • Gobo projection, basic or customized with your name, initials or message
  • Bubble machines to intensify your grand exit


Select one, or all of these special extras or we can put together a custom atmosphere package for you,

depending on what type of scene you’d like to create.




                     So let’s get started on putting together the happiest day of your life!

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